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Our purpose is to support and help, defend and protect the United States of America in any situation, to help protect and care for our people anywhere in the world from our enemies, and to invest in education, health care, humanitarian assistance programs, and to contribute to the future of our beloved American Nation.
God help us.
God Bless America!

CIA FEDERATION SUPPORTERS is a Patriotic Organization  The majority of members of Agents are chief executive officers and command staff of law enforcement agencies, directors and commissioners of public safety, corrections and detention staff, and elected sheriffs throughout the United States and foreign countries.  One of the requirements for active membership in CIA SUPPORTERS is to have participated in American Israeli Military University a Command Leadership Institute, the CS training program at the  , or one of the regional CIA Command Colleges located throughout the United States. Members of the federation consist mostly of decision-makers from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. In addition to CIA SUPPORTERS mission to be the premier provider of leadership and management training, the association strives to provide information to its members which will enhance their ability to establish and maintain an outstanding quality of life in the communities in which they serve.


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